Ancient Coins: ROMAN REPUBLICAN and IMPERATORIAL SILVER: Marcus Junius Brutus, c.43-42 B.C.

Marcus Junius Brutus, c.43-42 B.C.

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Marcus Junius Brutus, c.43-42 B.C.
AR Denarius, 4.18g. 17mm. Military mint traveling with Brutus in Lycia. LEIBERTAS. Head of Libertas to right. Rv. CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS. Lyre, quiver, and laurel branch tied with fillet. CR 501/1. Syd. 1287. Sear, Imperators 199. Lovely old cabinet toning.

Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 50, 2009, lot 109.
Ex: Spink Circular, London, November, 1986, item 7521. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $2,750.00

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