Ancient Coins: GREEK GOLD and ELECTRUM: Lesbos, Mytilene

Lesbos, Mytilene
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Lesbos, Mytilene

EL Hekte, 2.53 g. 10.5mm. c. 439 B.C. Female head (Persephone ?) to right with hair in rolls behind neck. Rv. Head and neck of a roaring lion to right. Bodenstedt 49a and plate 20,5 = Traite II. 2169 and pl. 160,3 (same obverse die, but this coin before the heavy die rust and breaks on the Paris example). Boston _. SNG von Aulock 7724. Wonderful Classical style and a rare type.


Ex: Roma. London, Auction 10, 2015, lot 445

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Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $8,500.00

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