Ancient Coins: GREEK and GREEK IMPERIAL BRONZE: Italy, Etruria, ex: Tronnier

Italy, Etruria, ex: Tronnier
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Italy, Etruria, ex: Tronnier

AE 5 Units, 2.44g. 15mm. Central Etruria, late 4th-3rd century B.C. Male head to right wearing a Phrygian helmet. Rev. Incuse six-pointed star; die break on reverse. Vecchi 14.7(this example). HN, Italy 88. Very rare with only seven examples recorded by Vecchi.


Ex: Prof. Hagen collection, Kunker, Osnabruck, Auction 94, September 27, 2004, lot 40.
Ex: Tronnier collection, Kunker, Osnabruck, Auction 216, October 8, 2012, lot 43

Very Fine $3,500.

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