Ancient Coins: ROMAN REPUBLICAN BRONZE: Sicily, Anonymous, AE Struck Quadrans

Sicily, Anonymous, AE Struck Quadrans

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Sicily, Anonymous, AE Struck Quadrans
AE Struck Quadrans, 11.87g. 27mm. Sicilian mint; c.214-212 B.C. Anonymous; Corn series. Head of Hercules to right wearing boar’s skin; three pellets behind. Rev. ROMA. Bull charging to right; snake below; three pellets and corn ear above. CR 42/2. Sydenham p. 10 note. RBW 140. Dark brown patina; some light cleaning. Some weaknesses, probably from an over-strike as is typical for this type, but unusually complete and good metal.

Ex: CNA (Classical Numismatic Auctions), Pennsylvania, Auction VIII, Sept. 27, 1989, lot 290, with original ticket
Very Fine $800.00

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