Ancient Coins: JUDEAN/BIBLICAL SILVER: Jewish War, Shekel, year one, ex: Samel

Jewish War, Shekel, year one, ex: Samel
Jewish War, Shekel, year one, ex: Samel

AR Shekel, 14.09g. 23mm. Year one= 66/67 A.D. Hebrew inscription,"Shekel of Israel." Ritual chalice with year one above. Rev. Hebrew inscription," Jerusalem the holy". Branch with three pomegranates. Meshorer, Treasury 189. Hendin 1353. Deutsch, pl. 2, 22, dies 8/16. Lovely old collection toning and with an important pedigree. See: 


Ex: Josef Samel collection, (d. 2005), Munich, inv. 523.
Ex: Kunker, Osnabrück, Auction  341,  2020, lot 6227

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