Ancient Coins: GREEK SILVER: Boeotia, Orchomenos

Boeotia, Orchomenos
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Boeotia, Orchomenos

AR Hemiobol, 0.40g. 8mm. Late 5th cent. B.C. -364 B.C. Half-grain wheat sprouting; ivy leaf to left and right.   SNG Fitzwilliam 2878 var. (one leaf).  Weber 3215-3216 var. (one leaf).   BCD Boiotia 211a-b var. (one leaf). BMC 31var. (one leaf).  Lovely multi-hued toning and among the finest known examples.


Ex: CNG, Lancaster, PA,  MBS 87, May 188, 2011, lot 439.

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about Extremely Fine/Very Fine $1,750.00

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