Ancient Coins: ROMAN REPUBLICAN and IMPERATORIAL SILVER: C. Marius Capito, 81 B.C.

C. Marius Capito, 81 B.C.
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C. Marius Capito, 81 B.C.

AR Serrate Denarius, 3.68g. 19mm. CAPIT CXII.  Draped bust of Ceres wearing wreath of corn ears to right; sword below chin.  Rev. C MARI C F S C in exergue; CXII above.  Plowman with two oxen to left.  CR 3781c.  Syd. 744b. Banti, Maria 10/33(this coin).   Lovely old cabinet toning. 


Ex: Ratto, List 1, 1969, no. 206.

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