Ancient Coins: GREEK SILVER: Italy, Bruttium, Kroton; ex: Naville 1926

Italy, Bruttium, Kroton; ex: Naville 1926
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Italy, Bruttium, Kroton; ex: Naville 1926

AR Stater, 7.64g. 28mm. c.530-500 B.C. Tripod on ornamented base with feet terminating in lion's feet; three handles; two snakes rising from bowl.  Rev. Incuse tripod with the snakes, handles, and base rendered in relief.   SNG ANS 233.  HN, Italy 2075. Antike Kunst , 1967, pl. 52,450 (this coin).  Fine old collection toning.

Ex: Naville, Ars Classica, Lucerne, Auction XII, October 18, 1926, lot 560.
Ex: Kricheldorf, Stuttgart, Auction XIII, September 23, 1963, lot 27.

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