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Macedon, Thermae
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Macedon, Thermae

AR Tetrobol, 2.36g. 14mm.  c.500-480 B.C.  Pegasos flying to right;  akanthos flower below.  Rev. Qudripartite incuse square.  SNG ANS 761(dies).  Svoronos pl. XIV, 14.  AMNG Macedon, pl, XXVI,25. SNG Berry 51(dies).  small flan cracks.   Rare and among the finest known examples.  Wonderful old cabinet toning.

Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 85, April 11, 1997, lot 54
Ex: NGSA, Geneva, Auction 6, 2010, lot 45.

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Extremely Fine $14,000.

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