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Aegean Islands, Aegina
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Aegean Islands, Aegina

AR Stater, 12.15g. 20mm.  c.480-457 B.C.  Sea turtle with "T back" design on shell.  Rev. Incuse skew pattern.  SNG Lockett 1969. SNG COP 510.   Millbank, Period III.  This coin is struck in extremely high relief in the manner of the earlier sea turtles; exceptional quality and nicely toned.

Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, List 137, August 1954, no.39.
Ex: Mark Salton (born Max Schlessinger)  collection, Frankfurt and NY, 1914-2005, with collector's old ticket.  (For bio see

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Extremely Fine $32,000.

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