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55799 Italy, Lucania, Metapontum, Ex: Pozzi, et al.
AR Stater, 7.85g. 21mm. c.340-330 B.C. Head of Demeter to right wearing transparent veil that is outlined along the back of the head and a barley wreath that is intertwined in her hair. Demeter has two two large vertical barley leaves arranged toward the back of her head; she wears triple-pendant earring and necklace. Rev. Barley ear with mouse on leaf. Johnston Class A. 8.22. SNG ANS 423(dies). Fine style with the head in high relief and attractive toning. Ex: Hirsch, Munich, Auction 8, 1903 , lot 788. Ex: Pozzi collection, Ars Classica, Lucerne, Auction 1, 1921, lot 197. Ex: Ars Classica, Lucerne, Auction XVII, 1934, lot 60. Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 79, 1994, lot 51 Ex: LHS, Zurich, Auction 95, 2005, lot 467. good Very Fine
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