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55659 1Nero and Agrippina Jr, 54-68 A.D.
AR Didrachm, 7.10g. 21.5mm. Cappadocia, Caesarea-Eusebia, c.58-60 A.D. NERO CLAVD DIVI CLAVD F CAESAR AVG GERMANI. Laureate head of Nero to right. Rev. AGRIPPINA AVGVSTA MATER AVGVSTI. Draped bust of Agrippina to right. RPC I, 3632. RIC 607. Sydenham, Caesarea 73. Fine style and scarce in this quality; toned. Provenance/Pedigrees Ex: Swiss Bank Corp, Zurich, Auction 25, September 19, 1990, lot 405. Ex: UBS, Zurich, Auction 78, September 9, 2008, lot 1474. good Very Fine
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