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56229 1Seleukid Kings, Antiochos VIII , c.121-96 B.C.
AR Tetradrachm, 16.71g. 30mm.  Damaskos mint, dated year 195= 118/117 B.C.  Diademed head of Antiochos VIII to right.  Rev. Zeus Ouranios standing to left holding scepter and star; lunar crescent above.  SC 2322.5; die break on reverse.  Toned. Provenance/PedigreesEx: Auctiones, Basel, Auction 29. June 121-13, 2003, lot 749.Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 17, October 4, 2005.lot 1228 Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine
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