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Sicily, Messana as Zankle ex: Hess/Leu 1964

AR Drachm, 5.32g. 22mm.  c.515-493 B.C.  Dolphin leaping to left within sickle-shaped harbor; border of dots around; ethnic inscription below.  Rev. Shell within center of incuse.  Gielow, "Die Silberprägung von Dankle-Messana", in MBNG, Group IV.  Rizzo, pl. 25,5.   A worn reverse die as is typical for the issue.   Attractive old collection toning and an exceptionally well detailed dolphin in high relief.

Ex: Hess-Leu, Lucerne, Auction 34, 1964, lot 53
Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 54, 1978, lot 100.

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Extremely Fine/Fine $17,500.
C. Marcius Censorinus, 88 B.C. ex: Hamburger 1932
AE As, 13.56g. 26.5mm.   NVMA POMPILI ANCVS MARCI.  Jugate heads of Numa Pompilius, bearded, and Ancus Marcius, beardless, to right; both wearing diadems.  Rev. C CENSO ROMA. Ship sheds at Ostia depicted as two arches; one  containing a spiral column with Victory holding a wreath and one with a ship’s prow.   CR 346/3.  Syd. 716. BMC RR 2419.  Banti, Marcia 72/1(this coin).  Brown and green patina.  Scarce with an impressive pedigree and among the finest known examples. 
The obverse portrays the founder of the Marcia family Ancus Marcius and his purported grandfather Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome.  The reverse with its depiction of ship enclosures is the earliest numismatic reference to the port of Ostia. It relates to the mythical founding of the port by Ancus Marcius, a claimed ancestor of the moneyer. 
Ex: Leo Hamburger, Frankfurt, Auction 95, 1932, lot 179.
Ex: Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 2, 1972, lot 332.
Ex: Goodman collection, Trition, NY, Auction 1, 1997, lot 1157.


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good Very Fine $7,500.

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