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Justinian II, (2nd Reign)Summer 705-4 Nov 711

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Justinian II, 2nd Reign,705-177 A.D.

AV Semissis, 2.15g. 16mm,  Constantinople mint.  DN IHS REX REGNANTIYM.  Facing bust of Christ with cross behind head; He holds book of Gospels in left hand and raises right hand in benediction.  Rev. DN IYSTINIANYS ET TIBERIUS PPA. Half-length busts of Justinian on left and Tiberius on right; they both wear chlamys and crowns with crosses; they hold cross potent on globe between them.  DOC 4b.  Sear 1418. MIB 4b.   Small scrape on edge and slight bend to flan.  Scarce denomination; lustrous

Ex: Münzzentrum, Köln, Auction 51, 1984, lot 704.

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about Extremely Fine $3,875.

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