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Andronicus I, September 1183-12 September 1185

(1 coin)

55685 Order
Andronicus I, Comnenus, 1183-1185 A.D. ex: Bendall
AE Tetarteron, 2.57g. 20mm. Thessalonica, July/August 1185. Half-length figure of St. George facing holding spear and shield inscribed with a lis. Rev. Andronicus standing wearing loros; he holds labarum and globe surmounted by a patriarchal cross; hand of God crowns him from upper right. DOC 7, Sear 1988.

This very rare issue was struck during the siege of Thessalonica by the Normans and possibly slightly prior in preparation. The siege was August 6-24., 1185. The prior tetarteron obverse type of the Virgin was replaced with the warrior saint Theodore. The lis on Theodore's shield is the first time that this symbol appears on Byzantine coinage (see DOC IV, part 1, p. 344).

Ex: Simon Bendall collection See more detailed image
Very Fine/good Fine $1,500.00


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