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C. Hosidius Geta, 68 B.C. no spear variety RR

AR Denarius, 4.10g. 16mm.  III VIR GETA.  Diademed and draped bust of Diana to right; bow and quiver on her shoulder.  Rev. C HOSIDI C F in exergue. Hound attacking boar to right.  CR 407/2 note.  Syd. 903a.  RBW 1457.  Rare variety without the usual spear in the boar; lustrous with light toning and an exceptional strike.


Ex: Leu Numismatics, Zurich, Auction 77, May 11, 2000, lot 442.
Ex: Aureo and Calico, Barcelona, Auction 319, 2018, Alba Longa collection, lot 392.

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Mint State $5,750.00

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