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Marc Antony

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Marc Antony and Divus Julius Caesar, 43 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.95g. 17.5mm.  Gaul mint, April 43 B.C.   M ANTON IMP.  Head of Marc Antony to right; lituus behind.   Rev. CAESAR DICT.  Laureate head of Julius Caesar to right; jug behind.  CR 488/1. Syd. 1165. Sear, Imperator 118. RBW 1708. Evidence of overstriking on both sides. Toned. 

This is the first issue of Antony with his name on a coin.   He depicts the recently assasinated Caesar on the reverse to align himself politically with Caesar.  

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Marc Antony, 32-31 B.C.

 AR Denarius 3.50g. 18mm.  Legionary type.  Military mint,  Patrae(?).  ANT AVG III VIR R P C. Galley to right. Rev. LEG IV. Eagle and legionary standards. CR 544/17. Syd, 1219; minute banker's mark in reverse field.  Fine old toning.  

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