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Sicily, Himera, ex: Jameson, et al.

AR Drachm, 5.83g. 21mm. c.550-515 B.C. Cock standing to left; raised vertical ridge to left.   Rev. Windmill pattern incuse.  Light die rust in the obverse field. Excceptionally well struck for this issue.  Kraay, Himera 53((this coin).  

This and two other dies in the series have an unusual raised ridge to the left of the cock.  Kraay suggests that this may be due to damage on the dies where the damaged section was smoothed down below the face of the bacground field.  The missing border dots were then re--engraved onto the repaired section.   


Ex: Virzi collection,  Jacob Hirsch, Munich, Auction XIX,  November 11,1907, lot 162 and plate V.
Ex: R. Jameson collection, Paris, 1913, no. 603 (for bio see:
Ex:H. de Nanteuil collection, Paris, 1925  no. 286 
Ex: Hess-Leu,  Lucerne, Auction 31, 1966, lot 101
Ex: Münzen und Medaillen AG 68, Basel, 1986, lot 111 
Ex: Triton IV, New York, 2000, lot 87 
Ex: Triton IX, New York, 2006, lot 689

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about Extremely Fine $10,000.

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