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Seleukos VI, 96-94 B.C., Seleukid Kings

(1 coin)
Seleukid Kings, Seleukos VI with head of Ant. VIII

AR Tetradrachm, 15.13g. 28.5mm. c.96-94 B.C. Seleukia ad Kalykadnum mint. Diademed head of King to right. Rev. Athena standing to left holding spear, shield, and wreath bearing nike. There is an uncertain plant to the left which E. Levante has suggested may be reeds that grow on the banks of the Calycadnus river(see: Houghton, Kraay/Morkholm Essays, p. 81). SC II, 2404.9. SNG Spaer 2782, but obverse die of 2779. Toned and with some light crystallization. Rare

The portrait is that of Antiochos VIII with his distinctive curly hair arrangement and long nose. The die was probably re-used from a Cilician issue of Antiochos VIII. There is not an extant die match with an Antiochos VIII issue, but the portrait style is clear. See: Houghton: SC II, p. 556.


Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 54, March 24, 2010, lot 136.

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Extremely Fine $2,750.

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