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The Bar Kokhba War

(2 coins)
Bar Kokhba, Year 2 =133/134 A.D.

AE Medium Bronze, 9.73g. 24.5mm.  Hebrew inscription, " Year two of the freedom of Israel." Vine leaf.  Rev. Hebrew inscription, "Simon."  Palm tree with date bunches.   Mildenberg 91.  Hendin 6436.  Natural brown patina; traces of the understypes.

Ex: E. Hrycyna collection, Darmstadt, purchased from R. Kaiser, Frankfurt with ticket.

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Very Fine $500.
Bar Kokhba, year 3= 134/5 A.D.

AE Medium Bronze, 13.63g.  27.5mm. Hebrew inscription," For the freedom of Jerusalem." Vine leaf.  Rev. Hebrew inscription,"Simon".  Hendin 1437. Mildenberg 111; hairline flan crack at 5:00 obverse.  There are traces of a portrait head facing to the left  from the undertype behind the vine leaf. Dark brown patina and unusually well struck on the leaf. 


Ex: Gemini and Heritage, Chicago, Auction VIII, April 14, 2011, lot 110.

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about Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $1,750.

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