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Aiolos, god of the winds

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Islands off Sicily, Lipara

AE Hexas of Dionkion, 14.95g. 22mm.  c.425 B.C.  Head of Aiolos to right.  Rev. Ethnic inscription and two pellets as mark of value. Zagami 45.  Dark green and brown patina with some small areas of green encrustation.  Rare.

Aiolos was the god of the winds mentioned by Homer and who was believed to have lived on the island of Lipara as part of the Aiolian Islands between Italy and Sicily.  There is a 6th century B.C. inscription AIO[lamba OY] excavated on the island which probably alludes to a cult to Aiolos(see: Inventory of Ancient and Classical Poleis, Oxford, p. 212)


Ex: Triton, NY, Auction VI, January 14, 2003, lot 131
Ex: CNG, Auction 84, May 5, 2010, lot 130.

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