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Nepotian, 350 A.D.

(1 coin)
Nepotian, c. June 3-30, 350 A.D.

AE Follis, 4.97g. 22.5 mm. Rome mint. FL POP NEPOTIANVS P F AVG. Draped and cuirassed bust of Nepotian to right. Rv. VRBS ROMA; R S in exergue. Roma enthroned to left holding spear in left hand and victory on globe in right hand. RIC VIII,266,202. P. Bastien, Les émissions de Népotien à Rome et la date d'élévation de Décence au césarat, CIN Rome, 1961, Actes II (1965), 408 . Exceptional quality and fine style for this rarity which normally is seen in heavily worn condition; green and brown patina.


Ex: Herold Collection, Hess-Divo, Zurich, Auction 324, October 23, 2013, lot 115.

In 350, Nepotian and a small number of followers tried to regain control of Rome after Magnentius had murdered the emperor Constans and usurped power. They were successful in wresting control for a short period having killed Magnentius' praetorian prefect Anicetus and forced the urban prefecnt Titanus to withdraw from the city. Nepotian seized power and struck coins in gold and bronze at the city. However, his reign lasted for only 28 days until Magnentius countered by sending a force against him under the command of Marcellinus. The rebels were crushed and Nepotian as well as his mother Eutropia, a half-sister of Constantine, and other supporters were killed in a violent purge.

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Extremely Fine $35,000.00

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