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Valentinian III, 425-455 A.D.

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Valentinian III, 425-455 A.D. ex: Garrett et al
AV Tremissis, 1.50g. 14mm. Rome or Ravenna mint, c.440-455 A.D. D N PLA VALENTINIANVS P F AVG. Diademed and cuirassed bust of Valentinian to right wearing pearl diadem. Rev. Cross within wreath with jeweled medallion at the top; COMOB in exergue. RIC X, 2061. Lacam, plate 8.3(obverse die, Paris example). Depeyrot, Rome, 47/7 and plate 10(obverse die). Rare style with small bust and of exceptional quality

Ex: Garrett and Johns Hopkins collections, Bank Leu and NFA, Auction, Zurich, Part II, October 16-18, 1984, lot 363.
Ex: Vierordt collection, Jacques Schulman, Amsterdam, Auction, March 5, 1923, lot 2909(20 Florins)
Ex: Gnecchi collection as attested by Garrett.

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Extremely Fine $3,500.00


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