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(2 coins)
Siculo-Punic, Entella, pedigreed to 2003

AR Tetradrachm, 17.40g. 26mm. c.320-300 B.C. Head of Arethusa to left wearing corn wreath, triple-pendant earring, and pearl necklace; dolphins around. Rev. Horse head to left; palm tree behind; Punic inscription below. Jenkins 192. SNG Lockett 1052(dies). Fine style with a particularly well struck horse in high relief; attractive toining

Ex: Edward J Waddell, Ltd. E Auction 79, December 10, 2003, lot 22 and published in illustrated brochure
Ex: Harlan Berk, Buy/Bid Sale 171, October 27, 2010, lot 77.

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Extremely Fine $9,000.
Thrace, Maroneia, pedigreed to 2001

AR Tribol, 2.92g. 14mm.  c.398-385 B.C.  Forepart of horse to left.  Rev. Bunch of grapes.  Schönert-Geiss 189.  Attractive old cabinet toning; early issue without magistrate's initials.  

Ex: EJW, Ltd, E Auction, April 30, 2001, lot 12 and inventory # 36948.

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about Extremely Fine $1,500.

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