Edward J. Waddell, Ltd., a Maryland corporation (formerly of Washington D.C.), is a privately owned firm specializing in the sale of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Biblical, and early medieval coins. Since 1981 the firm has been prominent in the international market for ancient coins and has published sixty eight illustrated fixed price catalogs and two public auction sales. We are dedicated to providing the collector with fine quality ancient coins at fair market values. Our professional advice is available either for the new or advanced collector. Edward J. Waddell Jr. is the president and chief operating officer of Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and has been a principal in the operation of ancient coin businesses since 1975. The firm is a member of the following major international numismatic trade organizations:

Our Guarantee

A 10 day return privilege exists for all mail order purchases for any reason. Furthermore, there is an unconditional guarantee of the authenticity of all coins sold by the firm.

Our Services

Direct Sales

Coins are available for direct purchase through this site and our print catalogs

Search Service

A search service is available at no cost or obligation. Please let us know what items you seek and we will offer them as available

Auction Representation

We will represent you at major international auctions of ancient coins. Please contact us for details.

Appraisal Service

We perform appraisals for insurance, estates, and for resale.

Purchases and Consignments

We are always seeking quality coins for our inventory either through direct purchases or consignment for sale. If you have a collection, or select individual coins for sale, we would be happy to discuss the various sales options.



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