Ancient Coins: ROMAN GOLD: Zeno, 2nd Reign, 476-491 A.D. Thessalonica

Zeno, 2nd Reign, 476-491 A.D. Thessalonica
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Zeno, 2nd Reign, 476-491 A.D. Thessalonica

AV Solidus, 4.44g. 20mm. Thessalonica mint. D N ZENO PERP AVG. Facing bust of Zeno with head turned slightly to the right wearing crested helmet and cuirass divided into two panels; he holds spear over right shoulder and carries a shield emblazoned with a horseman device on his left shoulder. Rev. VICTORIA AVGGG; CONOB in exergue. Victory standing to left holding a long jeweled cross with "X" at cross-bar; stars in fields to left and right. RIC X, 941. MIRB 19. DO, LRC 666. Metcalf 228. Scarce mint and fully lustrous.

Ex: Sincona, Zurich, Auction 37, 2017, lot 62.

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Mint State $5,000.

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