Ancient Coins: ROMAN IMPERIAL SILVER: Faustina II, wife of Marcus Aurelius

Faustina II, wife of Marcus Aurelius
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Faustina II, wife of Marcus Aurelius

AR Denarius, 3.12g. 17.5mm. c.161-164 A.D. FAVSTINA AVGVSTA. Draped bust of Faustina to right with her hair tied behind her head with a beaded cord. Rev. FECVND AVGVSTA. Faustina standing holding two infants; two children at her feet. RIC 676. BMC 90. MIR 10-4/10a. Fine style portrait in high relief; lustrous with highlights of light amber toning.

Ex: Gorny & Mosch, Auction 253, Munich, March 5, 2018, lot 639

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Mint State $800.

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