Ancient Coins: GREEK and GREEK IMPERIAL BRONZE: Pamphylia, Side, Gallienus, 253-268 A.D.

Pamphylia, Side, Gallienus, 253-268 A.D.
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Pamphylia, Side, Gallienus, 253-268 A.D.

AE 10 assarion, 17.20g. 30mm. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gallienus to right; I in field to right. Rev. Galley sailing to left; long branch with pomegranates to right. SNG BN 885(dies). BMC 116. The significance of the pomegranate branch on the reverse is that the fruit was the badge of Side and appears on its archaic coins. Dark brown and green patina withe some encrustation on the obverse.


Ex: CNG, Lancaster, PA, Auction 467, May 6, 2020, lot 275


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Very Fine/good Very Fine $750.

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