Ancient Coins: GREEK and GREEK IMPERIAL BRONZE: Cappadocia, Caesarea-Eusebia.

Cappadocia, Caesarea-Eusebia.
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Cappadocia, Caesarea-Eusebia.

AE 22, 6.71g. Time of Archelaos, 36 B.C.-17 A.D. Dated year 25=12/11 B.C. Head of Herakles with lion's skin and club to right. Rev. Temple with four columns and three figures on pediment. RPC 3613. RPC on line 3613.14(this coin). BMC 3. Reddish-brown patina.


Ex: Hauck and Aufhaüser, Munich, Auction 19, March 21, 2006, lot 199.

Very Fine/good Very Fine $475.

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