Ancient Coins: ROMAN GOLD: Basiliscus and Marcus, 475-476 A.D.

Basiliscus and Marcus, 475-476 A.D.
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Basiliscus and Marcus, 475-476 A.D.

AV Soiidus, 4.48g. 20mm.  Constantinople.  Three-quarter facing and helmeted bust of Basiliscus wearing cuirass and holding spear and shield. Rev. SALVS REIPVBLICAE H; CONOB in exergue.    Basiliscus and Marcus, as Caesar, enthroned and facing; they hold a globe between them; cross and star behind; insignificant flan defect below globe.  RIC X, 1022. Depeyrot 1041.  Excellent quality for this scarce issue and fully lustrous.

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