Ancient Coins: GREEK and GREEK IMPERIAL BRONZE: Alexandria, Domitius Domitianus, ex: Dattari

Alexandria, Domitius Domitianus, ex: Dattari
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Alexandria, Domitius Domitianus, ex: Dattari
AE Oktodrachm, 9.32g. 22mm.  Year 2= 297298 A.D.   Radate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Domitius to right.  Rev. Serapis standing to right with scepter; palm branch behind.  Dattari/Savio 10865(this coin). Geissen_.  The arrangement of the date letters is a scarce variety.   Dark brown patina with bits of encrustation and exceptional for this rare issue.
Ex: Bankhaus Aufhauser, Munich, Auction 11, March 21, 1995, lot 421 
Ex: Heliios, Munich,  Auction 5, June 25,  2010, lot 1174.
Ex: Dattari Collection, Dattari/Savio, 10865
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Extremely Fine $10,000.

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