Ancient Coins: GREEK and GREEK IMPERIAL BRONZE: Italy, Apulia, Venusia

Italy, Apulia, Venusia
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Italy, Apulia, Venusia

AE Semis, 3.41g. 16.5mm.  c.205-200 B.C. Draped bust of Hermes to right wearing winged petasos.  Rev. VE.  Winged boot; caduceus and S (Semis) to left.  HN, Italy, 726. SNG ANS 770. Small patina scrape on reverse.   Rare and among the best known examples.  Fine green patna with some light encrustation.

Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 40, May 16, 2007, lot 209.

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Extremely Fine $3,500.

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