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55085 Order
Celtic, Danubian, Ex: Pozzi and Cahn

AR Tetradrachm, 13.56g. 23mm. c.2nd century B.C. "Audoleon type". Stylized laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. Stylized horseman to right wearing plumed helmet; pellet below; counter-stamp of triskeles below horse. Pozzi (Boutin) 100 (this coin). Kostial 704-705. Fine Celtic style and lovely old cabinet toning. The reverse die is particularly well detailed with even the horse's teeth being visible in the open mouth.


Ex: Pozzi collection, Naville, Lucerne, Auction 1, March 14, 1921, lot 30.
Ex: Adolph Cahn, Frankfurt, Auction 60, July 2, 1928, lot 2229.
Ex: Adolph Cahn, Frankfurt, Auction 75, May 30, 1932, lot 235.

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good Very Fine $3,750.00

55355 Order
Pisidia, Selge; ex: Niggeler et al.

AR Stater, 10.78g. 26mm. c.380-370 B.C. Two wrestlers engaged; astragalos below. Rev. Slinger standing to right; triskelis in field to right. SNG BN 1924(dies). Natural flan split from striking. Well struck and in high relief on both sides; fine old toning.


Ex: Walter Niggeler collection, Bank Leu and Münzen und Medaillen, Zurich, Auction, December 3, 1965, lot 33.
Ex: Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 20, April 25, 1978, lot 145.
Ex: Swiss Credit, Zurich, fixed price list 27, December, 1978. lot 110.
Ex: NAC, Zurich, Auction 1, March 29, 1988. lot 231.
Ex: Matthew Curtis collection, San Diego.

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Extremely Fine $6,500.00

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