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(4 coins)
Italy, Campania, Neapolis, Ex: EJ Waddell, 2002

AR Didrachm, 7.40g. 21mm.  c.275-270 B.C. Diademed head of nymph to left; she wears necklace and triple-pendant earring; anchor behind head.  Rev. Man-headed bull walking to right while being crowned with wreath by a flying nike.  Sambon_.  SNG BN__  SNG ANS_.  SNG Fitzwilliam 170.  Rare symbol and exceptionally well struck.

Ex: EJ Waddell, Ltd, E Auction 54, June 27, 2002, lot 12.

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about Extremely Fine $5,750.
Titus, 79-81 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.60g. 18mm.  Rome, 80 A.D.     IMP TITVS CAESAR VESPASIAN AVG P M. Laureate head of Titus to right.  Rev. TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII.   Dolphin entwined around anchor. RIC 112. A few spots of light encrustation.  Attractive light toning.

Ex: EJW Ltd. inventory 36417, January 31, 2001. 

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Extremely Fine $1,850.
Antoninus Pius, 138-161 A.D. Rev. ASIA

AE Sestertius, 26.28g. 31mm. Rome, c.139 A.D. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP. Laureate head of Antoninus Pius to right. Rev. COS II S C; ASIA below. Personification of Asia standing to left wearing a mural crown; she holds wreath in right hand and a long anchor with left hand; prow of ship below to left. BMC 1184. RIC 579. Cohen 65(40 Fr). Scarce reverse type and with a lovely reddish-brown patina.


Ex: Bankhaus Aufhauser, Munich, Auction 9, October 7, 1992, lot 324.

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good Very Fine $3,750.
Gordian III, 238-244 A.D.,

AE Sestertius, 20.81g,   28mm.  Rome, c. 240-243 A.D.   IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG.  Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gordian to right.   Rev. LAETITIA AVG N S C.  Laetitia standing to left holding anchor and wreath.     RIC 300a.  Attractive brown patina.

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good Very Fine/Very Fine $125.

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