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55866 Order
Euboea, Histiaia

AR Tetrobol, 2.22g. 15mm.  3rd-2nd centuries B.C.   Head of the nymph Histiaia to right; she wears a wreath of grapes and vines in her curly hair; she wears single-pendant earring and pearl necklace.  Rev. The nymph Histiaia is  seated to right on the stern of a galley decorated with a wing; she holds stylis or mast with her left hand.  BCD, Euboia 399(this coin).  Toned and of unusually fine style.


Ex: Schweizerischer Bankverein , Zurich, Auction 38, Sept. 12, 1995. lot 158.
Ex: BCD collection, Lanz, Munich, Auction 111, Nov. 25, 2002, lot 399.


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Extremely Fine $2,250.00

55104 Order
Bithynia, Nikomedia, Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 A.D.
AE 31, 17.28g. Bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust of Aurelius to right. Rev. Galley under sail to left. RG 103var(beardless). RPC IV on-line 6090var. Rare Brown and green patina. See more detailed image
Very Fine $1,750.00

55636 Order
Pamphylia, Side, Gallienus, 253-268 A.D.
AE 10 assarion, 17.20g. 30mm. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gallienus to right; I in field to right. Rev. Galley sailing to left; long branch with pomegranates to right. SNG BN 885(dies). BMC 116. The significance of the pomegranate branch on the reverse is that the fruit was the badge of Side and appears on its archaic coins. Dark brown and green patina withe some encrustation on the obverse. See more detailed image
Very Fine/good Very Fine $750.00

55664 Order
Marc Antony, Legionary denarius
AR Denarius, 3.66g. 16mm. 32-31 B.C. Military mint. ANT AVG III VIR R P C. Galley to right. Rev. LEG XIII. Eagle and legionary standards. CR 544/27. Syd, 1232a. Dark toning. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $1,750.00

55806 Order
Rome, Anonymous, Struck Sextans

AE Sextans, 23.26g. 29mm. Anonymous, Semilibral struck bronze, c.217-215 B.C. Head of Mercury wearing winged petasus to right; two pellets above. Rev. Prow of ship to right; two pellets below. CR 38/5. Syd. 85. RBW 96-97; Lovely green patina and of exceptional quality


Ex: Tkalec, Zurich, Auction, September 8, 2008, lot 193.

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Extremely Fine $2,750.00

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