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Crescent and stars

(1 coin)
Cilicia, Anemurium, Maximinus I, 235-238 A.D.

AE 32, 16.23g. Dated year 1= 235/6 A.D. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Maximinus to right.  Rev. Constellation Leo;  lion leaping to right with head reverted; star and crescent in field to left.  RPC online, VI, 7011, this coin illustrated.  SNG France 711(dies). BMC 6(reverse only illustrated; same dies).  SNG Levante_.  Ziegler 74.  Attractive brown patina; spectacular qualtiy and among the finest known.

Ex: Triton XIII, January 5, 2010, lot 330.


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Extremely Fine $3,000.

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