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Karia, Halikarnassos, unique variety
 AR Hemidrachm, 2.53g. 15.5mm.  c.220-180 B.C. Laureate head of Apollo to right.  Rev. Lyre; ethnic inscription and “alph-theta-omega” above(magistrate?).   Historia Nummorm Online 2062.3(this coin).  SNG von Aulcok 2528v.  This is possibly a unique variety.
 Fine classical style head in high relief and with lovely dark toning
Ex: Peus, Frankfurt, Auction 328, 1990, lot 200.
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Extremely Fine $6,500.00
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Phrygia, Hyrgaleis, Severus Alexander, 222-235

AE 28, 10.67g.   Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Severus to right.  Rev. Apolllo standing to right holding lyre resting on tripod with left hand and plectrum in right.  He faces Artemis standing to left holding bow in left hand and arrow in right hand; stag at feet.  SNG von Aulock 376-7. RPC on line, vol. VI,  5662.3 (this coin illustrated and the only example listed outside of museums).  Attractive medium brown patina.

Ex: Hirsch, 175, Sept. 23,1992, lot 1199.
Ex: Peter Vogel collection, Helios 5, 2010, lot 933.

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about Extremely Fine $1,350.00
Bar Kokhba, Zuz, ex: Samel and Mildenberg plate

AR Zuz, 3.73g. 19mm. Undated, attributed to year 3=134/135 A.D. Heberw inscription, "Shimon". Bunch of grapes. Rev. Hebrew inscription, "For the freedom of Jerusalem." Lyre with three strings. Mildenberg 173.2(this coin illustrated). Treasury 252, 274a. Hendin 1435. Overbeck/Meshorer 438(this coin). Toned and a scarce die combination; Mildenberg only lists three examples including this coin.


Ex: Josef Samel collection, published by Meshorer and Overbeck, Das Heilige Land. Antike Münzen und Siegel aus einem Jahrtausend jüdischer Geschichte, Exhibition catalog, Staatliche Münzsammlung München in cooperation with the Israel Museum Jerusalem, Munich 1994. no. 438.

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good Very Fine/Extremely Fine $2,750.00

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