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An astragalos is an animal knucklebone that was used in various games, including games of chance.

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Italy, Campania, Neapolis, ex: Leu 2009

AR Didrachm,  7.03g.  22mm.    c.300-275 B.C. Head of nymph to right wearing elaborate diadem, triple-pendant earring, and pearl necklace; astragalos behind.   Rev. Man-headed bull standing to right being crowned by flying nike with wreath; monogram below.   HN 1, 579. Sambon 478var(monogram). Fine style, high relief, and attractive old collection toning.

Ex: LHS Numismatic, Zurich, Auction 103, May 5, 2009, lot 8. 

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about Extremely Fine/Extremely Fine $8,500.
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Cilicia, Mallos

AR Obol, 0.92g, 9mm.  c.385-333 B.C.  Astragalos.  Rev. Swan to left.  SNG Levante 165.  Rare and toned

Ex: Hirsch, Munich, Auction 242, 2005, lot 2204.

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Extremely Fine/Very Fine $750.

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