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Italy, Calabria, Tarentum, Pedigreed to 2010

AR Stater, 7.81g. 21mm. c.281-272 B.C. Nude youth riding horse to left holding round shield in his left hand. Rv. Taras astride dolphin to left holding nike on outstretched right hand; waves below. Vlasto 686. Lovely old cabinet toning

Ex: CNG, Lancaster, Mail Bid Sale: 85, September 15, 2010, lot 160.
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about Extremely Fine/Extremely Fine $2,000.
Siculo-Punic, Entella, pedigreed to 2003

AR Tetradrachm, 17.40g. 26mm. c.320-300 B.C. Head of Arethusa to left wearing corn wreath, triple-pendant earring, and pearl necklace; dolphins around. Rev. Horse head to left; palm tree behind; Punic inscription below. Jenkins 192. SNG Lockett 1052(dies). Fine style with a particularly well struck horse in high relief; attractive toining

Ex: Edward J Waddell, Ltd. E Auction 79, December 10, 2003, lot 22 and published in illustrated brochure
Ex: Harlan Berk, Buy/Bid Sale 171, October 27, 2010, lot 77.

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Extremely Fine $9,000.
Thessaly, Skotussa, ex: BCD collection

AR Hemidrachm, 2.41g. 15 mm. late 3rd century B.C. Three-quarter facing head of Artemis to right. Rev. Poseidon seated to left of a rock hoding dolphin and trident.  SNG COP 253. Very rare in this quality; toned with amber and blue highlights.

Ex: Giessener Münzhandlung, Munich, Auction 71, May 3, 1995, lot 216
Ex: BCD collection, Nomos, Zurich, Auction 4, May 10, 2011, lot 1341.

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good Very Fine $3,750.
L. Lucretius Trio, 76 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.86g. 19mm. Laureate head of Neptune to right; trident on shoulder; control mark VIII behind.  Rev.  L LVCRETI TRIO.   Winged boy  riding dolphin to right.  CR 390/2.  Syd. 784.  Conrol mark only listed for 2 examples(Paris and Vienna) in Hersch unpublished MS (ANS).   An exceptional quality example and with fine old cabinet toning.

Ex: Peus, Frankfurt, Auction 366, 2000, lot 1198.

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Extremely Fine $3,750.
Titus, 79-81 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.60g. 18mm.  Rome, 80 A.D.     IMP TITVS CAESAR VESPASIAN AVG P M. Laureate head of Titus to right.  Rev. TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII.   Dolphin entwined around anchor. RIC 112. A few spots of light encrustation.  Attractive light toning.

Ex: EJW Ltd. inventory 36417, January 31, 2001. 

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Extremely Fine $1,850.

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