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Peloponnesos, Elis(Olympia)

AR Drachm, 4.88g.  18mm.  c.244-208 B.C.  Eagle flying to right grasping hare.  Rev.  Winged gorgon head within center of thunderbolt.  Schwabacher Group IV,42(dies).  BCD Olympia 266(this coin).  This is a very rare and unusual type with the gorgon within the thunderolt.  This example was the sole piece appearing in the extensive published BCD collection of Olympia.   It also appears to be the only use of a gorgon on the coinage of Olympia.  

Ex: BCD Olympia collection, Leu Numismatics, Zurich, Auction 90, May 10, 2004, lot 266
Ex: CNG, Auction 73, Sept. 13, 2006, lot 278.

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