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Europa and the bull

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Crete, Gortyna, ex: Lockett

AR Stater, 11.58g. 27mm. c.330-270 B.C. Europa seated in tree to right. Rev. Bull walking to right and looking backwards.   Svoronos 57(same obv. die).  SNG COP 440.  SNG Lockett 2558=LeRider, plate XII,3 (this coin).  Toned and exceptionally well struck for this type which is usually obscured by the over-striking.

This coin is over-struck on a stater of Lyttos.

Ex: Lockett collection, Glendining, London, Auction May 27, 1959, lot 203 (for bio see:
Ex: Robert Ebert collection, Stacks, NY, Auction Jan. 12 2013, lot 5536.

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good Very Fine $12,500.
Phoenicia, Sidon, Elagabalus, 218-222, Ex: Garrett

AE 25, 10.46g.  Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Elagabalus to right.  Rev. Europa on bull to right.  BMC 229-230.  Rouvier 1504.  Attractive brown patina.  Rare in this high quality and with an important pedigree.

Ex: Garrett collection Part 1, Numismatic Fine Arts and Bank Leu, Beverly Hills, May 16, 1984, lot 850, purchased from Wayte Raymond on October 1, 1923. (for bio see:
Ex: CNG, Auction 93, May 22, 2013, lot 997

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Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $3,000.

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