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vine leaf

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CelticBritain, Atrebates tribe, Verica, 10-40 A.D.
AV Stater, 5.33g. 17mm. VIRI. Vine leaf. Rev. C O F. Horseman with spear and shield to right. van Arsdell 520. Exceptional quality

Verica was the son of Commius, as noted on the reverse, and ruled the Atrebates tribe as a client King of Rome. His tribe was conquered by Caratacus and he was deposed c.40 A.D. This gave Claudius an excuse for invading Britain in 43 A.D. on the pretext of restoring Verica. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $10,000.00

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Bar Kokhba, Year 2 =133/134 A.D.

AE Medium Bronze, 9.73g. 24.5mm.  Hebrew inscription, " Year two of the freedom of Israel." Vine leaf.  Rev. Hebrew inscription, "Simon."  Palm tree with date bunches.   Mildenberg 91.  Hendin 6436.  Natural brown patina; traces of the understypes.

Ex: E. Hrycyna collection, Darmstadt, purchased from R. Kaiser, Frankfurt with ticket.

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Very Fine $500.00

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