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Macedonian Kings, (Philip II), pedigree to 1999

AV Stater, 8.61g. 18mm. c.323-315 B.C. Pella mint.   Posthumous issue for Philip II,  struck under  Philip III- Kassander.  Laureate head of Apollo to right.  Rev. Charioteer driving biga to right; bukranium below.  LeRider, Pella Group IIIA, 522(same dies). SNG ANS 179. Fine style and fully lustrous.

Ex: Harlan Berk, Chicago, Buy/Bid Sale 110, September 8, 1999, lot 10.
Ex: Nomos, Winter-Spring 2008, 100 Distinctive Coins, # 20.


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Mint State $17,000.
Celtic, Noricum, Croatia

Billon Tetradrachm, 9.47g. 23mm. c.1st cent. B.C. Samobar A type. Stylized head of Apollo to left wearing laurel wreath. Rv. Horse walking to left. Kostial, Lanz 160(obverse die). Gobl, TKN, p. 22,10. hairline flan crack at 2:00 o;clock rev.

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about Extremely Fine $900.
Troas, Neandria, pedigreed to 2011

AR Obol, 0.68g. 4th cent. B.C. Laureate head of Apollo to right. Rv. NEAN. Ram standing to right within shallow incuse. SNG von Aulock 7628 var. Klein 318 var. Dark toning and exceptional quality for this issue.


Ex: Lanz, Munich, Auction 151, June 30, 2011, lot 433


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Extremely Fine $1,500.
Ionia, Kolophon, pedigreed to 2003

AR Tetartemorion, 0.23g. 6.5mm. c.450-410 B.C. Facing head of Apollo Klarios.  Rev. Monogram T-E for the denomination within a shallow incuse square.  SNG COP 133. SNG Kayhan 356.  Some light deposits around edges.  Toned. 


Ex: Peus, Frankfurt, Auction 376, 2003, lot 371.

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about Extremely Fine $550.
Seleukid Kings, Antiochos II, 261-246 B.C.

AR Tetradrachm, 17.09g. 27mm. Sardes mint, c.261-264 B.C. Diademed head of the deified Antiochos I to right. Rev. Apollo seated to left on omphalos holding a bow and arrow; monograms below. SC 518d. Newell, WSM 1387 and pl. LVI,2(same dies).  Hirsch, Munich, Auction XVIII, 1907, lot 2502(dies).   Magnificent sculptural portrait of the elderly Antiochos I in high relief and with fine toning; probably the finest known example.


Ex: E. J. Waddell, E Auction, May 4, 2005, lot 12.
Ex: Manhattan Sale II, New York, Peter Gruber collection, Auction January 4, 2011, lot 69.
Ex: William Rudman collection
Ex: Lebanese family collection, c.1900.

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Extremely Fine $45,000.
Thessaly, The Oitaioi

AE Dichalkon, 4.73g. 17mm.  Struck during Oitaioi's membership in the Aetolian League in Herakleia Trachinia c.279-168 B.C. Laureate head of Apollo to right.  Rev. Monogram between spear and jawbone of the Kalydonnian boar; bunch of grapes to left. SNG COP 182.  Dark green-brown patina and with an exceptionally well detailed reverse.


Ex: BCD collection, Nomos, Zurich, Auction 4, May 10, 2011. lot 1435.18

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Very Fine/good Very Fine $1,200.
Troas, Kebren

AE 20, 8.55g. c.350-300 B.C. Ram's head to right; eagle below. Rev. Laureate head of Apollo to r. SNG COP 266. Brown patina.


Ex: CNG. Lancaster, PA, E auction 320, February 12, 2004, lot 188.

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Very Fine/good Very Fine $200.
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Aeolis, Grynion

AE Dichalkon, 3.70g. 18mm.  c.4th-3rd cents. B.C.   Laureate head of Apollo facing three-quarters to left.  Rev. Mussel shell.  BMC 1. SNG COP 202.  SNG von Aulock 7689.   Dark brown patina.

Ex: Lanz, Munich, AUction 117, Nov. 24, 2003, lot 304
Ex: Triton X, Jan. 9, 2007, lot 279.
Ex: Dr. Paul Peter Urone collection

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good Very Fine/Very Fine $2,250.
Pisidia, Kremna, Aurelian, 270-2755 A.D.

AE 33.  16.00g.  Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Aurelian to right.  Rev. Apollo standing to right shooting arrow. von Aulock, Pisidia II, 1665, reverse die. Green and brown patina.

Ex: Gorny and Mosch, Munich, Auction 186, lot 1664.

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good Very Fine $450.
Cilicia, Mopsos, Severus Alexander, 222-235 A.D.

AE 37, 27.93g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander to right. Rev. Artemis and Apollo standing side by side. Weber 7175. SNG Levenate _. SNG France_. RPC on line VI, 7168, this coin illustrated. Green patina with some encrustation. Extremely rare; RPC only lists two examples including this coin with the other in the British Museum.


Ex: Grün, Hiedelberg, Auction 49, May 20, 2008, lot 95

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Very Fine $750.

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