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54879 Order
Phokis, Federation
AR Hemidrachm, 2.93g. 13mm. c.449-447 B.C. Facing bull's head. Rev. Archaic head of Artemis to right. Williams 213. BCD 241. Lovely old collection toning and with the obverse in very high relief.

Ex: Hirsch, Munich, Auction 171, 1991, lot 215
Ex: Gorny and Mosch, Munich, Auction 104, 2000, lot 322. See more detailed image
good Very Fine $1,850.00

55572 Order
Karia, Knidos
AR Tetrobol, 2.55g. 13mm. magistrate: Kydosthenes, c.250-210 B.C. Diademed and draped bust of Artemis to right; bow and quiver behind. Rev. Tripod. SNG COP 291(dies). Attractive toning.

Ex: Tkalec, Zurich, Auction 1992, lot 130.
Ex: Lanz, Munich, Auction 131, 2006, lot 234. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $750.00

55569 Order
Ionia, Ephesos
AE 18.5, 4.60g. c.48-27 B.C. Magistrates: Demetrios, Kokos, and Sopatros. Draped bust of Artemis to right with hair tied in a knot at the back of her head; she carries bow and quiver on her shoulder. Rev. Long torch between two stags. SNG Klein 384(this coin). SNG COP 342. SNG Tubingen 2802; light metal break on reverse. Lovely green patina

Ex: Dieter Klein collection See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine/Very Fine $475.00

55579 Order
Lydia, Hierokaisareia. under Nero, 54-68 A.D.
AE 16, 3.29g. Struck under Nero and the high priest: Kapito, 54-68 A.D. Draped bust of Artemis Persica to right; bow and quiver on shoulder. Rev. Forepart of a stag to right. RPC 2389( this example illustrated in RPC on-line). BMC 2. Dark greenish-black patina. Scarce and of exceptional quality

According to Imhoof Blumer and Head, the original name of the city was Hierakome. The city was renamed Hierocaesarea(Sacred Caesarea) by Tiberius after an earthquake in 17 A.D.

Ex: Hauck and Aufhauser, Munich, Auction 19, 2006, lot 171. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $850.00

53076 Order
Lydia, Hypaepa, Plautilla, 202-205 A.D.
AE 29, 15.62g. Draped bust of Plautilla to right; counter-stamp with cult statue of Artemis. Rev. Cult statues of Artemis and Zeus standing side by side. SNG COP 198. Howgego 233 for counter-stamp. Rare and with a bluish-green patina.

Ex: Peter Vogel collection, Helios, Munich, Auction 5, June 25, 2010, lot 800 See more detailed image
Very Fine $700.00

55538 Order
Cilicia, Mopsos, Severus Alexander, 222-235 A.D.
AE 37, 27.93g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander to right. Rev. Artemis and Apollo standing side by side. Weber 7175. SNG Levenate _. SNG France_. RPC on line VI, 7168, this coin illustrated. Green patina with some encrustation. Extremely rare; RPC only lists two examples including this coin with the other in the British Museum.

Ex: Grün, Hiedelberg, Auction 49, 20 May 2008, lot 95 See more detailed image
Very Fine $975.00


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