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Lydia, Philadelphia, Rev. Aphrodite

AE 25, 7.39g. archon: Ladikos Severos under Marcus Aurelius, c. 161-162 A.D. Draped bust of the Senate to right. Rev. Aphrodite standing to left within two-columned arch. RPC on line IV.2.1382.5(this coin illustrated). Dark brown patina with some light cleaning in fields. Scarce; RPC only records five examples including this piece.


Ex: Hauck and Aufhäuser, Munich, Auction 21, March 17, 2009, lot 174.

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Very Fine $350.
Ptolemy III, 246-222 B.C., 1991 pedigree

AE Dichalkon, 2.68g.  15.5mm. Paphos, Cyprus mint.  Diademed head of Zeus Ammon to right.  Rev. Cult figure of Aphrodite standing; she holds lotus flower to breast with her right hand and poppy or myrtle branches in her left hand.   Lorber B450.  SNG COP 647. Svoronos 1008.  Wieser 108.  Lovely green patina and possibly the finest known example of  this scarce issue.


Ex: Bankhaus Aufhäuser, Munich, Auction 8, October 9, 1991, lot 278
Ex: CNG 87, 2011, lot 702.


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Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $3,000.

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