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(4 coins)
Anonymous, Quadrigatus

AR Quadrigatus or Didrachm, 6.70g. 20mm. c.225-214 B.C. Laureate head of Janus. Rv. ROMA on tablet in relief in exergue. Jupiter holding scepter and thunderbolt being driven to right by Victory in quadriga. CR 28/3. Old collection toning


Ex: EJW, Ltd. inventory # 5528, c.1980.

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Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $2,750.00
Q. Metellus Pius Scipio, 47-46 B.C.
AR Denarius, 3.45g. 17.5mm. Military mint in Africa. Q METEL PIVS. Laureate head of Jupiter to right. Rev. IMP SCIPIO. Elephant walking to right. CR 459/1. Syd. 1046. Old cabinet toning with amber highlights. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $2,350.00
C. Vibius Pansa, c.48 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.89g. 18mm. PANSA. Mask of Pan. Rv. C VIBIVS C F C N IOVIS AXVR. Laureate Jupiter seated to left holding scepter and patera. CR 449/1a. Syd. 947. Fine style and toning.


Ex: Credit de la Bouirse, Paris, Auction, April 19, 1995, lot 1108.

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Extremely Fine $1,500.00
Severus Alexander, 222-235 A.D.

AE Dupondius, 10.35g. 24mm. Rome, 231- 235 A.D. IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG. Radiate head of Severus Alexander to right. Rev. IOVI PROPVGNATOR S C. Jupiter standing to right hurling thunderbolt with right hand and holding eagle on left hand. RIC 636. Green patina with some red areas


Ex: Dr. Klaus Berthold collection, Munich, 1941-2015.

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Extremely Fine $1,250.00

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