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Anonymous, Quadrigatus, Ex: EJW, c.1980

AR Quadrigatus or Didrachm, 6.70g. 20mm. c.225-214 B.C. Laureate head of Janus. Rv. ROMA on tablet in relief in exergue. Jupiter holding scepter and thunderbolt being driven to right by Victory in quadriga. CR 28/3. Fine style on a large flan and with old collection toning


Ex: EJW, Ltd. inventory # 5528, c.1980.

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Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $2,500.
Anonymous, Victoriatus, Ex: Leu, 1977, E. Nicolas

AR Victoriatus, 3.26g. 15mm. Luceria mint, c.211-208 B.C. Laureate head of Jupiter to right. Rev. ROMA in exergue.  Victory decorating trophy with wreath to right; L below. CR 97/1a.  Fine old collection toning.

Ex: E. Nicolas collection, Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 17, May 3, 1977, lot 51.
Ex: Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 48, May 10, 1989, lot 279.
Ex: Kricheldorf, Stuttgart, Auction 47, July 29, 2002, lot 174.

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Extremely Fine/good Very Fine $1,200.
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Gar, Ogul, Ver, 86 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.65g. 19mm.  Lauraete head of Apollo to right.  Rev. Jupiter in quadriga to right.  CR 350a/2. Syd. 723. 

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about Extremely Fine $350.
Licinius I, 308-324 A.D.

AE Follis, 3.96g.  21mm.  Siscia mint, 313 A.D.   IMP LICINIVS P F AVG.  Laureate head of Licinius to right.  Rev. IOVI CONSERVATORI; SIS in exergue. Jupiter standing to left holding scepter and victory; eagle below to left; B in field to right. RIC 233a; hairline flan crack at 7:00 obv.  Dark brown patina.

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Extremely Fine $100.

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