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(4 coins)
Northwest Gaul, Suessiones

AE 27, 2.27g. c.60-25 B.C.  Head of Janus; volutes below; annulets to left and right. Rev. Lion standing to left; annulets above and below.  DT 563. De La Tour 8106. Fine green patina.


Ex: T, Voltz collection, Auctiones, Basel, Auction 25, June 19, 1995, lot 1400.

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Very Fine $435.00
Anonymous, Quadrigatus

AR Quadrigatus or Didrachm, 6.70g. 20mm. c.225-214 B.C. Laureate head of Janus. Rv. ROMA on tablet in relief in exergue. Jupiter holding scepter and thunderbolt being driven to right by Victory in quadriga. CR 28/3. Old collection toning


Ex: EJW, Ltd. inventory # 5528, c.1980.

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Extremely Fine/about Extremely Fine $2,750.00
Rome, Cast As- Janus/Prow libral standard
Cast AE As, 249.08g. 66mm. Libral Series. c.225-217 B.C. Janus. Rev. Prow of ship to right 1 above. CR 35/1. T/V 51a. Vecchi 75. Dark green and brown patina. See more detailed image
good Very Fine/Very Fine $3,250.00
Rome, Post Semi-Libral Series

AE Cast As, Post -Semi-Libral Series, 97.56g. 47mm. c.215-212 B.C. Janus head. Rev. Prow to left; I above. CR 41/5a. T/V 70. Vecchi 105. Brown patina and cast in high relief.


Ex: Laurens Schulman, Hilversum, Netherlands, Auction 15, November 6, 1995, lot 1708.

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Very Fine/good Very Fine $1,000.00

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