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Celtic, Northwest Gaul, Uncertain mint

AE 15, 2.97g. 1st century B.C. Stylized Celtic head to right. Rev. Man-headed Pegasus; two serpents and torque around. Scheers_. De LaTour_ Castelin_. Delestree/Tache 2357. Superb green patina and an exceptional type.

Ex: Künker, Auction 312, Osnabruck, October 8, 2018, lot 1972

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Extremely Fine $2,750.
Italy, Bruttium, Kroton; ex: Naville 1926

AR Stater, 7.64g. 28mm. c.530-500 B.C. Tripod on ornamented base with feet terminating in lion's feet; three handles; two snakes rising from bowl.  Rev. Incuse tripod with the snakes, handles, and base rendered in relief.   SNG ANS 233.  HN, Italy 2075. Antike Kunst , 1967, pl. 52,450 (this coin).  Fine old collection toning.

Ex: Naville, Ars Classica, Lucerne, Auction XII, October 18, 1926, lot 560.
Ex: Kricheldorf, Stuttgart, Auction XIII, September 23, 1963, lot 27.

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good Very Fine/Extremely Fine $7,500.
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Achaean League, Epidauros
AR Hemidrachm, 2.38g. 14mm. late 2nd-early 1st cents. B.C.  Laureate head of Zeus to right.  Monogram and coiled snake within wreath.  BMC 1268var.  Clerk 162.  BCD_   Nice dark toning and high relief.  
Ex: LHS, Zurich, Auction 102, 2008, lot 240.
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Extremely Fine $1,500.
Pisidia, Etenna, Severus Alexander, 222-235 A.D.

AE 30, 13.22g.   Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Severus to right.  Rev. Female figure with snake and smaller male figure standing; overturned vase in field to left and sheep in field to right; some light scratches or adjustment marks in field.   von Aulock, Pisidia II, 584.  RPC on-line, vol. VI, 6035.    Very rare variety  and possibly the second known piece.  The recently published RPC on-line only lists one heavily corroded example.  Green patina with some encrustation. 

Ex: Brian Kritt, Maryland, USA, private purchase, January 8,2015

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about Extremely Fine $750.
Pisidia, Sagalassos, Gordian III, 2nd known

AE 36 Large bronze,  28.76g.  Gordian III, 238-244 A.D.   Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gordian to right.  Rev. Demeter driving biga of winged serpents to right over waves; she holds a long torch.  RPC on-line VII.2, 20406 (this coin illustrated). Dark green and brown patina.  Very rare; only one other considerably inferior example in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is listed by RPC. 

Ex: Bank Leu, Zurich, Auction 30, April 28, 1982, lot 433
Ex: E J Waddell, Auction II, New York, September 12, 1987, lot 376.
Ex: James Fox collection, CNG, Auction 40, December 4, 1996, lot 1633.
Ex: Triton XV, New York, January 3, 2012, lot 1415.

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good Very Fine $7,500.
Cilicia, Irenopolis, Septimius Severus, 193-211

AE 26, 10.36g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Septimius to right. Rev. Draped bust of Hygeia to right holding serpent; BMC 7. SNG Levante_. SNG Paris_ a few light cleaning marks. Dark bluish-green patina.


Ex: Leu Numismatik, Zurich, Auction 2, May 11, 2018, lot 520

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about Extremely Fine $650.
Alexandria, Hadrian, 117-138 A.D. Ex: Dattari

AE Drachm, 25.56g. 34mm. Dated year 18=133/134 A.D. Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian to right. Rev. Triptolemos wearing elephant headdress driving biga of winged serpents to right; he holds grain for sowing in the fold of his chiton. Köln 1143. RPC 5920.10(this coin). Dattari-Savio, pl. 91, 1849(this coin). Brown patina. The details on the reverse including the grain and the elephant headdress are unusually clear.


Ex: Dattari collection, 1849.

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Very Fine/good Very Fine $3,750.
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Hadrian, 117-138 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.16g. 18mm.  Rome, 121 A.D. IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG.  Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian to right.  Rev. P M TR P COS III SAL AVG. Salus seated to left feeding snake rising from altar.   RIC II.3.378.  BMC 316. Toned with underlying luster. 

Ex: Empire Coins, New York, Auction 10, May 6, 1989, lot 236
Ex: Ried Redlich collection

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Mint State $3,350.

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