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54549 Order
Celtic, Northwest Gaul, Uncertain mint
AE 15, 2.97g. 1st century B.C. Stylized Celtic head to right. Rev. Man-headed Pegasus; two serpents and torque around. Scheers_. De LaTour_ Castelin_. Delestree/Tache 2357. Superb green patina and an exceptional type. See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $2,750.00

55558 Order
Mysia, Pergamum

AE 20. 7.30g. after 133 A.D. Laureate head of Asklepios to right. Rev. Serpent coiled around omphalos; monogram in field to left. SNG France 1803var (monogram). Green patina


Ex: Hirsch, Munich, Auction 280, February 8, 2012, lot 4302.

See more detailed image
good Very Fine/Very Fine $140.00

53675 Order
Troas, Pionia, Julia Domna, 246-248 A.D.
AE 22, 4.73g. Draped bust of Domna to right; counter-stamp of male head to right. Rev. Serpent on base of altar. SNG von Aulcok 1568(this coin). Imhoof-Blumer, KM 509,1. Dark brown patina. Scarce city issue See more detailed image
Very Fine/good Fine $850.00

53487 Order
Pisidia, Tityassus, Trajan Decius, 249-251 A.D.

AE 22, 7.21g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Decius to right. Rev. Tetrastyle temple; snake in pediment. SNG von Aulock 8642(dies) von Aulock, MSP II, 2263(dies). RPC 963. Dark green and brown patina. Very rare city and type with only two recorded examples of this type.


Ex: Münz Zentrum, Köln, Auction 64, April 15, 1988, lot 635.
Ex: CNA, Auction . 26, June 11, 1993, lot 590
Ex: Waddell, List 64, December 1994, lot 104.

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good Very Fine/Extremely Fine $750.00

54284 Order
Cilicia, Irenopolis, Septimius Severus, 193-211
AE 26, 10.36g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Septimius to right. Rev. Draped bust of Hygeia to right holding serpent; BMC 7. SNG Levante_. SNG Paris_ a few light cleaning marks. Dark bluish-green patina. See more detailed image
about Extremely Fine $650.00

55466 Order
Alexandria, Hadrian, 117-138 A.D. Ex: Dattari

AE Drachm, 25.56g. 34mm. Dated year 18=133/134 A.D. Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian to right. Rev. Triptolemos wearing elephant headdress driving biga of winged serpents to right; he holds grain for sowing in the fold of his chiton. Köln 1143. RPC 5920.10(this coin). Dattari-Savio, pl. 91, 1849(this coin). Brown patina. The details on the reverse including the grain and the elephant headdress are unusually clear.


Ex: Dattari collection, 1849.

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Very Fine/good Very Fine $3,750.00

53686 Order
Mn. Acilius Glabrio, c.49 B.C.

AR Denarius, 3.83g. 20mm. SALVTIS. Laureate head of Salus to right. Rev. MAN ACILIVS III VIR VALETV. Valetudo standing to left resting left arm on column and holding snake in right hand. CR 442/1a. Syd. 922. Sear, Imperator 16. Exceptional quality and lovely old cabinet toning.

The types may relate to the claim of the Acilia family of having introduced the first physician to Rome. Mommsen, as referenced in Sear "Imperators" above , mentions that the Greek physician Archagathus came to Rome in 219 B.C. and established his practice at a locale near the Acilia family home.

See more detailed image
Extremely Fine $2,200.00

55133 Order
Sicily, Anonymous, AE Struck Quadrans

AE Struck Quadrans, 11.87g. 27mm. Sicilian mint; c.214-212 B.C. Anonymous; Corn series. Head of Hercules to right wearing boar’s skin; three pellets behind. Rev. ROMA. Bull charging to right; snake below; three pellets and corn ear above. CR 42/2. Sydenham p. 10 note. RBW 140. Dark brown patina; some light cleaning. Some weaknesses, probably from an over-strike as is typical for this type, but unusually complete and good metal.


Ex: CNA (Classical Numismatic Auctions), Pennsylvania, Auction VIII, September 27, 1989, lot 290, with original ticket

See more detailed image
Very Fine $800.00

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