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Augustus, 27 B.C.-14 A.D.

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Phrygia, Laodikeia ad Lykos

AE 15, 4.55g. magistrate: Zeuxis Philalethes.  c.15 B.C. Bare head of Augustus to right; lituus behind.   Rev. Serpent staff of Asklepios.    RPC 1, 2895. SNG von Aulock 3837; small scrape in hair.   Dark brown patina.

The magistrate Zeuxis Philalethes is most likely the physician who founded a school of medicine at the temple of Men Karou outside of Laodikeia as mentioned by his contemporary Strabo(Geog.12,88, 50.)  During Starbo's lifetime, there were two directors of the medical school, Zeuxis and Alexander Philalethes.  The reverse type with the serpent staff of Asklepios further supports the association.  (See: Ramsay, Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia,  p. 52.)


Ex: Peter Weiss, Kiel Germany, collected 1967-2015. 
Ex: Gorny and Mosch, Munich, Auction 276, April 19,2021, lot 388.


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Augustus, 27 B.C.-14 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.78g. 20mm. Spanish mint, c.19 B.C. CAESAR AVGVSTVS. Bare head of Augustus to right. Rev. OB CIVIS SERVATOS. SPQR CL V on shield surrounded by oak wreath. RIC 79a. BMC 381. BN 1144. Virtually as struck with luster under iridescent toning.


Ex: Hirsch, Munich, Auction April 26, 1954, lot 155.
Ex: UBS, Zurich, Auction 78, September 9, 2008, lot 1307.

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Augustus, 27 B.C.-14 A.D.

AR Denarius, 3.81g. 18mm.  Spanish mint, c.18 B.C.  SPQR PAREN CONS SVO. Toga picta over tunic palmata; eagle standard to left; wreath to right. Rev. CAESARI AVGVSTO. Quadriga with decorative cart to right; small ornamental quadriga above.   RIC 97.  Toned. 

Ex: EJW Ltd. inventory # 24393. Feb. 12, 1999.

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Augustus, 27 B.C.-14 A.D. ex: MM, 1977

AR Denarius, 3.82g. 19mm. Uncertain Eastern mint, c.17 B.C. CAESAR. Bare-head of Augustus to right surrounded by an oak wreath. Rev. AVGVST. Candelabrum ornamented with rams ' heads and crescent; patera and bucrania within wreath. RIC 540. BMC 684. The portrait is struck in very high relief and with unusually good centering; attractive light toning.


Ex: Münzen und Medaillen, Basel, Auction 53, November 29, 1977, lot 253.

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Extremely Fine $12,500.00

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